Ridge & Summit & Heath


We would recommend this route to those runners who enjoy the technical element and the muck! Starting from the main gate opposite the car park, we will journey up the main avenue towards the visitor centre.  Once past we will turn right onto Divis Ridge route, climbing steadily up the ridge route which encompasses sties to climb and one bridge crossing. With spectacular views across Belfast and beyond. At the end of the ridge route the first water station is ahead, a nice long descent, but don’t get too comfy as long gradual ascent awaits, taking a sharp left and climbing very steadily to the “summit trail”. This is a natural rock path and caution should be taken at the top of the summit remember to take in the views, and the second water station, remembering to say Hi to the marshal, a long descent awaits. Midway down this path you will turn left a marshal will be at this junction.  Travelling a short distance toward the Heath section, The BOG!  A marshal awaits to guide you onto the bog, following the hi-vis poles, for approximately one mile.  At the end of this section you are back on solid ground and a welcoming water station.  Travelling along this path for a short distance, then turning right and down the hill with a view of the visitor centre ahead, it’s a charge to the finish line.